Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Installation System

reverse osmosis systemThere are several ways to filter drinking water, and among the most popular methods is by using a reverse osmosis installation system.

How Do Reverse Osmosis Installation Systems Work?

Reverse osmosis is a process of water filtration where water pressure will push tap water through a membrane in order to remove impurities. There are several reverse osmosis systems available made to resolve even the roughest challenges in water quality. The majority of systems have 3 stages, with every stage being more thorough.

Stage one, the prefilter stage, gets the water ready for the process of reverse osmosis. Within stage one, the 5-micron filter will capture particles like silt and dust and decreases chlorine. During Stage 2, the water will travel through a reverse osmosis membrane in which the main cleaning is accomplished.

In this stage, water gets forced through a semipermeable membrane, in which most chemicals, minerals, and other types of contaminants are removed. During the final stage, Stage 3, the water will go through a post-filter in which all remaining inorganic compounds that cause a bad taste or odor are removed.

After the three set stages, there are two extra auxiliary filter options for an extra layer of protection. The two extra filters are determined by your unique water needs. Options include a bacteria and virus guard, arsenic guard, or a mineral plus filter, it all depends upon your unique water needs.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Installation Systems

  1. Reduction of contaminants

Water contaminants are becoming a problem in the U.S. more and more, which makes the need for water filtration systems a priority. Reverse osmosis systems are mainly used in the removal of water impurities, which includes:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • VOCs
  • PFAS
  • Arsenic
  • Bacteria
  • Nitrates
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Lead
  • Sodium

Contaminants may make the water taste and smell bad and cause harm to your health. In using reverse osmosis systems, you will not need to be concerned with your water’s quality anymore!

  1. Replaces Bottled Water

Water in the bottle might seem like a better choice than tap water; however, bottled water isn’t always free of contaminants. Some bottled water has undergone no or minimal processing, whereas others may have undergone the same process of filtration as reverse osmosis. In having your own system, it is possible to stop heading to the grocery store for bottles and make better quality water in your home. Also, you’ll become more environmentally friendly by limiting the use of plastic.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Is the challenge of maintaining a filtration system for your water keeping you from putting one in your business or home? Thankfully, reverse osmosis systems are simple to maintain by just requiring a filter change every 10 to 12 months.

  1. Better Tasting Water

In removing impurities, water will taste better. Minerals influence the natural taste of water, and reverse osmosis systems produce water that only tastes like water. Also, cooking using freshly filtered water is going to result in food that tastes better.

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